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We are a U.S. California based third-party accredited organization that serves private and public sectors with operations worldwide. Our services are render to businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations, and not-for-profits entities. We help client-organizations within their respective supply chain make lasting performance enhancements through their own objectives and goals. Since 1984 our efforts built toward this work when BRS® came to light in 2003. Our services are made possible due to our policy of exclusive professionals that are proficient to assess to an honorable and noble purpose strengthened by our mission, values and vision, our basis to accreditation. A purpose to protect communities and consumers through client-organizations.

With our accreditation for the purpose to protect communities and consumers, BRS® is a specialty third-party certification, inspection and validation services provider. As a true independent accredited third-party service provider, we specialize in assessment-auditing within the risk and competitive sectors, public or private.

While founded in 2003, we been providing services since 1984, as client-organizations ask us to expand services. Our group name, BULLTEK (derives from Bullish Technologies) represent our mission, values and vision to a dignify purpose through protecting communities of consumers.

As a Public Trust accredited third-party service provider we must comply and seek that client-organizations adhere to U.S.A. based anticorruption, antifraud and antitrust laws and applicable equivalents within their our sovereign nations.

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