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antitrust03Antitrust is the opposition to or the combination to trust, the opposition intended to restrain trusts and establish one single source by eliminating competition. Competition that benefits individuals and families within free market economies; freedom of choice. However, it does not prevent one-single sourcing (a monopoly) as continuing attempts happen within the third-party services that includes branding within the realm of inspection, accreditation, certification, validation activities.

As a true USA accredited third-party branding services provider we adhere to applicable laws and regulations guided by the laws of the United States of America.

Antitrust laws inhibit the coordinated conduct to group associations, businesses, companies, organizations to control trade, specifically harming communities and consumers. In the free market economies agreements to collude in ways to control a specific segment of the market to benefit specific interests fall within antitrust laws, unlawful. However, this does not stop groups from joining forces to strategically advance an antitrust agenda.

To this effect, BRS® choose to pursue accreditation through a signatory and bearer based United States of America public trust. A public trust that that cannot join or seek antitrust to benefit its own special interests. We are signatory and bearer to a United States of America public trust with an honorable and noble purpose. A purpose that is effectively suited to our mission, values and vision.


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