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BRS management and inspection servicesWe are an assessment - audit and surveillance accredited third-party service provider with the purpose to provide consumer-centric comprehensive evaluations and supplier surveillance programs. We are partnership to benefit communities and consumers through a Public Trust, who has collaborated with NGOs and SROs organizations including USAID and UNIDO for established project which includes.

    BRSTM, GOB and UNIDO have joined in particular project to help achievements such as the first FSMS ISO 22000 certification in Iraq, 2010, first HACCP MS in Afghanistan and showing that slowly as the dust settles byway of consumer-centric focus; BRSTM is grateful as signatory and bearer of the GOB accreditation; as we are consumer-centric. Further, national country police and health care programs chooses BRSTM in the pursuit of a dignify purpose of statutory and moral law.

As a third party assessment service provider to the public and private sectors includes the supply chains for: food, medical, design, manufacturing, services, healthcare, inspection, testing, energy, education. We initially assess for conformity, promptly following appropriate and effectiveness of management practices & methods whether is for validation, certification or inspection. We benchmark programs that are internationally recognized and generally accepted, such as: QMS ISO 9001, QMS MDD ISO 13485 medical, Quality Health Care System (QHCS), EMS ISO 14001, ISMS ISO/IEC 27001, EnMS 5000, SMS 28000, Occupational Health - Safety applying ISO 45001, Loss Prevention Controls... Social Responsibility & Accountability (SR&A), and FSMS ISO 22000 - Preventive Controls HACCP & HARPC MS food security and safe foods addressing many variants.

Within the energy sectors, our network of exclusive professionals address specific needs for nuclear programs as NQA1 compliant programs, 10 CFR Regulatory Guides 50, ANSI N45.2, 29 CFR, 21 CFR, 40 CFR and management system validation (e.g. HACCP - HARPC, Preventive Controls). With centralized base of operations in California (ROWO - Rim of the World Operations) our team extends worldwide in the regions of Africa, Euro Asia, Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Across America and Australasia - Asia Pacific.


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