Accredited Third-Party Certification Services

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Whether your organization is public or private, BRS can be an essential contributors to the protection of your organizationís markets and brands advancing onto better-in-class performance, through the protection of communities and consumers. BRS provides accredited third-party assessment-audit & investigative services for:

  • Certification
  • Inspection
  • Validation

Through USA governmental tripartite authority accreditation provides the assurance that whether; validation, certification or inspection; your organization adheres to the highest levels of laws based regulations and thus credibility to your markets, community of consumers. This places your organization a prime choice supplier and to partner with customers.     

Through third party independent and impartial services we make sure that your organizationís management practices and methods addressees effective risk control as well as opportunities to enhance performance onto growth. Through our third-party assessments, whether validation, inspection, investigative, branding and certification, we exercise due-care and help to identify matters of high relevance assuring continuance to market competence. BRS services are tailored to the nature of your activities.

As a full service validation, certification, inspections, investigation and product brand assessment body throughout worldwide operations, BRS delivers competence and objectiveness based impartiality with a consumer-centric purpose. BRS worldwide operations includes services across America, Australasia, Asia Pacific, Euro Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Africa and Europe. BRS consumer-centric purpose programs follow the path of our mission, values and vision.

Because of BRS exclusive professionalsí carry diversity in experience and scope of sectors, we are able to provide management-friendly services through our renowned mission, set of values and vision through a legally binding purpose. BRS team of exclusive professionals provides services to the private and public sectors operating in adherence to current accreditation programs.

Allow us to put our expertise to work for your organizationís goals and objectives; Call us at +1.909.324.1185 PST.


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