Complaints, Appeals and Disputes

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Complaints Procedure

complaint03The implementation of this procedure is in adherence to contractual requirements ensuring that complaints and appeals are means available to convey information adverse to communities and consumers through a recognized and acceptable procedure consistent with California USA laws and regulations. Equally, we appreciate any feedback that may help us to update and to improve our activities through free market world regions - we convey free market principles.

Because our accreditation sets on a legally binding purpose through a public trust and our basis of operations is free-market, complaints need be acted upon.

A complaint is consider to be an objection to delivery or rendering of our services and contents. This includes appeals on decisions made by BRS® including suspensions, withdrawal of certificate of registration or in response to previous complaints. Further, because of our consumer-centric accreditation, based public trust chartered purpose, thereof, complaints can derive from client-organizations, prospect customer, communities, consumers or other stake-holder at large who have an objection to our services, our decision and performance of our activities in a certification process or way of operation, as these may derive from any of our world regions.

From time-to-time certification and accreditation bodies find pirating of their certifications and accreditation, please report if you encountered these. 

Procedural Protocol
This procedure paraphrases current BRS® Procedure 0830, the following is set forth to validate a complaint which needs to include and address, as follows,

  • Name of the person filling the complaint
  • Name of the organization, when relevant
  • Postal address or e-mail address
  • Reference to rendered service
  • Reason for the complaint

Form-0830 is available and need be completed prior to engaging a validated complaint. As the compliant is validated we will provide Form-0830 (a record). 

The complaint needs to be written and sent by e-mail or by postal letter - for address contact us.

Initial Processing
Complaints are initially logged at the place of handling per regions (whether is North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific - Australasia, Middle East & North Africa, Euro Asia or Europe). A designee for handling the complaint will be assigned, whether at local-regional level or from the Rim of the World Operations at California. Some regions possess local accreditation, which initially is processed by these. Within fifteen (15) days a response is sent to the complainant, in matters pertaining to validation of the complaint or otherwise; at times we have received complaints that do not pertain to our validation, inspection, branding or certification activities.

Appeals, as these derive from a client-organization are acknowledged and validated within 7 workdays.

Regardless, appeal or complaint BRS® Rim of the World Operations, California needs be informed. Submission, investigation, analysis and decisions are not to result in discriminatory action against appellant or complainant.

Note: Because our international accreditation derives from a California USA based accreditation entity, the Department of Justice provides form CT-9, when applicable. We abide to free market principles.

Action Taking
Once the complaint is validated, a BRS® designee is to handle the complaint organizes for processing of the complaint for analysis as part of corrective action. Prior to engaging corrective action analysis, as the need rises a correction is taken. In the eventuality that it may be a recurrence further impartiality is applied. BRS holds accreditation that meets and exceed conformity criterion and extends to the protection of communities and consumers for which, as the need rises, we will need to contact recognized regional authority in matters of consumer protection.

Registration of Complaint Resolution
A written statement within Form-0830 is completed and forward to the complainant. Information is provided to the complainant when the complaint needs to escalate, in the eventuality of an unsatisfactory response. This escalation rises to the maximum accreditation entity, in our specifics the GlobalNet Oversight Board and may rise to the U.S.A. California Attorney General at the Department of Justice through the Department of Consumers Affairs. Thereof, it does not rise to an interest controlling our  activities as commerce - it is unlawful to create commerce in order to protect specific interest at communities and consumers expenses.

In adherence to the laws and regulations of the USA and sovereign countries specific laws, complaints that derive from client-organizations are forward to the specific client-organization for their consideration and response. The scope of confidentiality extends to the closed affected parties unless its raises the need to communicate with authorities because the situation requires such action, as we are accredited with purpose beyond conformity.

Dispute, Appeal, Complaint
In closing meetings Form-017 (or equivalent) requires that field teams convey the client-organizationís right to disagree, which may entice an appeal - dispute - complaint. In the eventuality that an an appeal - dispute - complaint rise the ATL (Assessment Team Leader) will manage any differences with the organizationís designated representative and will compile any evidence in support of the specifics. At the time of closing the field work an opportunity is given to the management representative to lodge an official an appeal - dispute - complaint. This information is advanced to the BRS® Quality & Assessment Program Manager, which triggers the procedure in herein reference based on Procedure 0830.

Visit also our Accreditation-Complaint Page as is based on public trust accreditation under the Department of Justice, any false claims of the BRS brand elsewhere in the world.


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