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Visit our main web site, contact us for delegates and representation in other world regions Asia Pacific, Europe, Euro Asia, Middle East & North Africa and South - Central America based U.S.A. operations; as noted BRS maintains a presence in the major manufacturing and service centers across the world. Client-organizations and governments appreciate that BRS is within reach, whether for management systems certification, assessments, inspection or validation our team is ready to deploy our consumer-centric commitment anywhere from your local region or from the USA, by operating globally while acting locally.

From USA based California (BRS headquarters as we refer to Rim of the World Operations in Southern California USA) you may reach us through our message center calling internationally to +1.909.324.1185 at the Rim of the World Operations California or contact BRS for prompt response contact us through e-mail at ROWO <click here> You may also visit our main web portal


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