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BRS is not a legal counselor or law firm, we are an accredited third-party management services provider. Our team of exclusive professionals are proficient in matters that pertain to assessments for management systems, inspections and product mark. that are consumer-centric chartered accredited legal entity that cannot provide legal advice or defense.

BRS provides management system, inspection and product portal to give visitors a general understanding on the services that we provide. And although BRS takes every reasonable effort to ensure that the information on our web portals and documents we provide are up-to-date and legal guidance is not construe as legal advice and is not guaranteed to be effective, complete or up-to-date. Because regulations and legal obligations often change rapidly, is from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and is also subject to varying interpretations by different courts and certain governments and administrative bodies. BRS cannot guarantee that all the information can fit nor we intend that will fit every circumstance. Further, local BRS operating units may possess local accreditation under which supervision is carryout.  

This site, as well, and many other BRS groups across the world that contain links to other resources with the intent to provide additional information. Those links are provided as citations and aids to help you identify and locate other internet resources that may be of interest, and are not intended to indicate, state or imply that BRS regions and partners or client-organizations are affiliated or associated with, guarantees, or is legally authorized to use any trade name, registered trademark, logo, legal or official seal, or copyrighted symbol that may be reflected in the links.

BRS is not responsible for any loss, injury, claim, liability, or damage related to those the use of this and associated BRS sites, whether from errors or omissions in the content of our sites or any link sites,  In helping client-organizations, BRS operates through exclusive assessors. 


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