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Environmental Management, EMS

environmental_mixEnvironmental Management System (EMS) best practices includes adherence to NEPA, CEQA, I and country local equivalents. BRS assessment-audit work is for businesses, communities, institutions, universities, recreational centers, governments a means to demonstrate environmental competence, adherence to regulations and thus environmental consciousness and responsibility. EMS ISO 14001 is appropriate and adequate management tool.

    Expectations are within the current social climate environmental demands at par with legal obligations, regulations and contractual requirements within the boundaries of environmental expectations from customers and shareholders to protect communities. As a fundamental expectations, organizationís must measure and control the environmental effect of their process activities, services and products alike.

EMS ISO 14001 provides a benchmark to measure and control activities of impact to the environment and communities and mostly as an aid to organizations in following adherence to applicable laws regulations and contractual agreements.

BRSTM consumer-centric accredited certification programs analyzes the organizationís environmental practices and methods through Environmental Policy, Planning, Implementation, Measurement, Management Reviews and as applicable Environmental Impact Statements (EIS). BRS Assessment-Audits analyzes each client-organization records and actions in achieving demonstration of environmental competence to the scope of their activities in exercising due-diligence.

For additional information visit EMS ISO 14001 - 40 CFR BRS Global web portal.


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