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Use of the BRS Trademark

The BRS® logo, including its crown atop of the trademark - logo, for reference visit the Registered in the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) protected under the option of the Protocol of Madrid. We list herein this section of the web site any notification of incidents of pirated certification, validation and inspection, see red below as applies. We also list any valid complaints and appeals.

The BRS® logo is register within the context of validations, inspections and certification of management systems within the sole property of the BRS® organization. BRS® does not authorize the use of the trademark to any of our regions and can be carry by organization that are bona fide to which certification, validation, branding and inspection has been granted. Therefore, BRS® will take whatever actions when a fragrant and blunt misuse of its trademark - also any pirated, fake, false, untrue and like wise claim using BRS® trademark. In case of doubt, please contact us at the Rim of the World Operations. Examples of unacceptable use of the BRS® trademark would include use on products without clarification, in unauthorized publications, on internet sites, in marketing materials, and advertisements. The use of the accreditation and the mark of international agreements are for the use of BRSTM and no for any other body, organization, entity or for use by individuals.

    Validation, Inspection, Branding and Certifications may be automatically withdrawn in cases wherein financial duress, war thorn areas and alike situations occur, an specially in proven events of community and consumer harm. To help client-organizations in situations of duress or war and alike BRS® has established Crisis Management procedures with the intent to protect client-organizations. For this to go into effect you need to contact your region’s authority whether Asia Pacific, Across America (North to South), and Asia Pacific.

The ISO logo® is a European-based registered trademark of the International Organization for Standardization based Europe and shall not be used by organization to whom the ISO has not authorized. ISO will not allow its logo to be use in connection with conformity assessment activities. Equally the logo of accreditation is solemnly for the use of BRS as an accredited certification - registration body, and not for the use of client - organizations. 

Cases of misuse of the BRSTM Trademark we publish as follows:

  • BRSM (Turkish registered operating in Iran) is illegitimately using the BRS Trademark and certificates in Iran, logo with the authorization of IAS accreditation using websites, and, to which a Cease / Desist letter has been issued in 2019.
  • Read on Legal top - page any misuse or pirating of BRS activities and services.

BRS® reserves its right to take legal measures in cases of misuse of the trademark - read red font contents.

BRS® is a proudly signatory and bearer (accredited) by the GlobalNet Oversight Board Accreditation - Recognition Platform (GOB), a U.S.A Public Trust, a Foundation, for the Protection of Communities and Consumers.



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