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Occupational Safety - Health Management System (OSHMS) Certification, ISO 45001

Internationally recognized and generally accepted benchmark ISO 45001 certification provides impartial and objective evidence of competence in OS&H (Occupational Safety & Health) management. Issued by a community of consumer-centric third party registration - certification body demonstrates to the community, workers and other stake-holders that your organization proactively pursues protection of of the organizationís human assets through health and safety.

ISO 45001 provides for an organization that is State OSHA compliant to manage regulatory requirements based 29 CFR 1910, 29 CFR 1926, 29 CFR 1904 (recording) and other OSHA such as Cal/OSHA (and Workers Com challenges). Further, provides a mean to manage risk and to control loss organizations through the implementation of Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems (OS & H MS | OSHMS), refer as well integral to loss prevention and business continuity. 

OSHMS (Occupational Safety & Health Management System) such as ISO 45001 promotes valuable safe and health practices and methods within the work environment. These need to operate within the frameworks based applicable regulations such as OSHA 29 CFR 1910 for the U.S. as a mean to manage the identification of hazards and control of risks.

Benchmarks such as ISO 45001 are designed in the same format structure as EMS ISO 14001 and QMS ISO 9001; as management tools to help organizations to effectively and efficiently comply a comprehensive business approach to competitiveness and risk.

A contemporary OSHMS based ISO 45001 needs be based and addresses the following (risk loaded similarly to EMS ISO 14001 for environmental matters):

  • Applicable laws and regulations,
  • Planning for the identification of hazards integral to conducting risk assessment based OH&S Policy appropriate to the business activities,
  • Pursuit of Loss Prevention and Control thereon,
  • To specifically establish a means to identify and control health & safety risks based regulatory requirements for compliance whether private or public sectors,
  • Control OS&H - OSHA (in the U.S.) trough management program(s) based on objectives and targets as a mean to update leading onto optimization of resources and growth,
  • Set a structure for determine responsibility to control OS&H,
    • Provide Training, awareness as mean to raise competence, in fulfilling regulatory requirements,
    • Establish a mean to effectively gather information and set forth communications (internal and external),
    • Establish necessary operational controls to enhance adherence to regulations,
    • Be prepared to act in the eventuality of an emergency (an effective response),
  • Monitor and measure performance as the mean to objectively demonstrate necessary updates with optimization onto growth, and
  • Assure continual review of the OS&H Management System performance to seek improvements.

Employees, customers and the general public can benefit from the likes of management programs based ISO 45001, ILO-OSH, and others internationally recognized and generally accepted benchmarks.

For third party certification, your organization needs to implement an effective OS&H management system in complying with regulations while applying ISO 45001, for more information contact us.


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