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BRSTM consumer-centric Quality Management System (QMS) whether based current ISO 9001, Shingo, Baldrige, TQM... Business Management System (BMS) will help improve process activities whether this means to lower costs, control & management of risk, enhance performance and value-add customer experience ownership by way to the protection of consumers resulting in market preference. Shingo Prize, Baldrige Award, effective TQM and ISO 9001 are some that provide a benchmark for best-in-class practices and methods within a free-market global economy.

    BRSTM exclusive professionals possess the necessary and right experience in quality management systems to maintain a consumer-centric purpose. Our global programs provides us a world of experience in understanding challenges that the enterprise, organizations and governments, private or public, advancing better-in-class quality programs.

    Transition to changing versions of QMS, such as current revision of ISO 9001, will be done following international convention in ways that are transparently for client-organizations.

QMS provides a basis for client-organizations to improve customer satisfaction, management effectiveness, efficiency and consumer protection through QMS as a mean to continual operational and administrative enhancements. QMS tool ISO 9001 combines services leading onto HIPAA for health care, and for medical devices ISO 13485 quality management for regulatory purpose. BRSTM is a USA California based accredited certification body, one of the few USA based certification bodies.

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