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risks and the enterpriseLoss Control & Prevention applying Occupational Safety and Health Management;

Risk are rapidly changing based on changing consumer preferences, advent of technologies, and changing laws and regulations. To help protect your organizationís bottom line, our Loss Control programs integrate preventive measure. BRSTM exclusive professionals with the support from BRSTM California USA Rim of the World Operations integrate industry, regulatory can be on your side. Our consumer-centric public trust accreditation provide and excellence framework to exercise due-care. Our Loss Control & Prevention approach is unique in applying BRSTM approach of P|E|R|M - this is why client-organizations includes multinational construction firms and chemical producers.

    In matters of OSHA 29 CFR 1910, as applicable to local laws and regulations. We can help, whether your organization is in construction, chemicals, tourism, education, energy, entertainment, food processing, healthcare, metalwork, plastics, real state, retail technology or warehousing.

BRSTM loss control approach with competent professionals possess competency with the purpose to protect community and consumer accreditation as a public trust. Independent accreditation based public trust requires unparalleled empowerment from Government, as determined from the US Federal Treasury and with the supervision by the Department of Justice.  

To help understand Loss Control & Prevention BRS has at its use many management programs including compatibility ISO 45001, EMS ISO 14001, QMS ISO 9001, ISMS ISO/IEC 27001 and other internationally recognized and generally accepted benchmarks. These to assure adherence to legal and regulations.

ISO 45001 brings the Annex SL 2012 set-forth high level structure format. It brings the contents of known reference normative standards within occupational safety and health programs such as British Standard OHSAS, 29 CFR 1910 and equivalent others as applicable within your home country. It also brings more contemporary terms of already existing techniques. Transition from many of these programs is fluent. Et al makes transition in ways to assure the application of contemporary methodologies in a fluent manner.

Our experience allows us to extract from a gamut management tools from Kaizen-Blitz, Lean, and current revisions of AS9100, IATF 16949, ISO 22000... in helping manage legal and regulatory requirements such as legally binding FSMA, Title 40 CFR, 29 CFR 1910, 29 CFR 1926, 14 CFR 145, 21 CFR 110 and many others in accordance to laws and regulations.

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