Why Choose BRS?

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brochure_mosaic_people103IExercising due-care through exclusive professionals that carry integrity in ethics. To make this a reality our teams of professionals are exclusive to BRS® . Professionals within the BRS® network exercise their work with care in respectful manner to client-organizations. We seek and nourish professionals to advance to proficiency. Proficiency benefit client-organizations in a manner of consistent efficiency and effectiveness, adequate and appropriate for which client-organizations discover:

  • The value of independence and impartiality,
  • Branding
  • Proficiency in work,
  • Contribute to client-organizations success through our values,
  • Acting locally while thinking globally,
  • Signatory and bearer to independent accreditation,
  • Methodologies that respect and focus on the assessment at hand,
  • True care for the protection of consumers, communities and your brand,
  • Respectfully seeking adherence to applicable laws and regulations,
  • Reporting in a manner consisting to your operations,
  • Values that integrate care, adding-value, costs within integrity in ethics,
  • True protection of confidentiality and privacy,
  • Global reach, limited,
  • With a record of 97% client-organization retention within North America, and
  • Our Mission, Values and Vision to an honorable and noble purpose.

We are not third-service provider seeking to be everything to everyone. If your organization is mandated to a specific group in third-party services, consideration needs be given.

Todayís businesses and consumer challenges include defamation from unknown sources, ransomware through the availability of data and information. Once access is obtained through malicious software of visitors to database, confidential information or source of business information (certification, scope, location) other key essential data is obtained. This information targets businesses and individuals within businesses.

Following todayís on-line access to data and information resulting in concerns to threats and risks, publishing client-organizations is highly protective. Our precautionary measures in protecting client-organizationsí privacy and confidentiality follow a purpose to ultimately protect communities and consumers (and not for special interests). No disclosure occurs other than client-organizationís approximate name | IRGA benchmark | year entering licensing agreement and month. The listings follow best practices guides within HIPAA. This is possible, as we are a USA-based accredited third-party services provider, as such we operate within the principles of free and open markets through a business model that pursues a honorable and noble purpose. We do not seek, participate or sustain controls of business practices that unequivocally leads to restrain or control trade, payment processing, pricing or single-pair choice as we adhere to antifraud, anticorruption and antitrust laws and similar equivalent laws, the Clayton and the Sherman Acts; see FTC.GOV


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