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Branding is an important aspects of any business, is the free-market external perception. It conveys to customers, consumers and communities what to expect from your products and services. The brand differentiates your brand from competitors'. The brand is an amalgamate of the internal reality and the external perception. Management practices and methods provides from the internal reality into an effective external perception, effectively managed is a form of symbiosis.

Our work activities consider risk and opportunities in the ways of the Business Management System (BMS) administration and operations. Our working activities of validation, inspection and certification are carry for quality, safe foods, environmental responsibility, occupational safety-health, security, medical devices for OEM contractors, control of information, privacy, confidentiality, intellectual property.

  • We provide accredited third-party services through certifications, validation and inspection programs, in all protection of your organizationís brand.
  • Inspection of Product and Service activities that extend Worldwide.
  • Validation and Certification of Products and Services.
  • Business Management System (BMS) certification programs.
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BRS® is a legally binding public trust accredited consumer-centric third-party services provider. We are signatory and bearer to an Accreditation Public Trust. Reiterating, in all, our services include inspection, validation, branding and certification. Accredited to assure the necessary independence and impartiality to help client-organizations enhance performance while contributing to the reduction of risks. To this effect we serve the private and the public sectors including; manufacturing, services, food supply, security, medical, energy, safety, security, cybersecurity, environmental, quality goods and government. BRS is one of a handful truly United States of America based accredited third-party management service provider with the purpose to protect communities and consumers. In this way we help client-organizations enhance performance and contribute to reduce risk through our mission, values and vision to a dignify purpose.


Experience the benefit of doing business with the true US-based BRS® Learn about our truly independent accredited programs and solutions, based in North America helping client-organizations across Central and South America, Europe, Euro Asia, Middle East & North Africa, Africa and Australasia - Asia Pacific. Welcome to BRS®


BRS® exclusive professionals are proficient in Food Safety, Medical Device, Supply Chain Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety, Security, Cybersecurity, et al consistent to our mission, values and vision to a honorable and noble purpose. Management Systems Certifications is one of the work activities, including internationally recognized and generally accepted benchmarks:

  • Quality QMS ISO 9001 and variants
  • Environmental EMS ISO 14001
  • ISO 13485, Medical Devices Contractors
  • Food Safety FSMS ISO 22000 and FSMS HACCP HARPC MS (FSMS FDA Based Preventive Controls)
  • Occupational Safety & Health OSHMS based applicable legal and regulatory utilizing ISO 45001
  • Social Responsibility & Accountability
  • Security of Information based ISO/IEC 27001
  • SMS 28000, Supply Chain
  • Business Management System (BMS)
  • Environmental Social Governance, free market
  • Reporting false, mimicking or abuse of the BRS brand or certificates.

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